Granny Smith

Cue, "my baking brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours..." etc. etc. you know the rest. Let's just agree that Kelis wrote a hit, and the word 'milkshake' is replaceable with almost anythang you like. (Just try it, sit back and observe the faces sporting pure impression and jealousy over your mad skillzz)

Granny Smith Apples, cored (but try to leave a small layer of flesh at the bottom so all the syrupy goodness doesn't drip through onto your baking dish)
Brown Sugar
Butter (unsalted)
Almonds and pecans, crushed roughly
Sultanas or dried cranberries if you want to liven things up
Cinnamon, nutmeg, perhaps a little ground ginger if you're feeling risqué
Orange zest
Teensy pinch of salt. I'm talking minute, people!

I've said it once, I'll say it again; I am terrible at using or giving measurements. Luckily for something like a simple (and super delish) baked apple, you can very much rely on sight and texture when you're mixing up the filling. It's just a little of this and a little of that bound together nicely with a decent helping of brown sugar and butter. Stuff the apples generously and then pop a few extra crushed nuts on the top. Bake at 200 celcius for about 25 minutes or until soft, but still holding their shape. If you're in the kitchen whilst they're baking, occasionally baste the apples with any glaze in the bottom of the dish. It's well worth the extra effort if you have time! Serve with heavy cream, dusted with a little cinnamon and then sit back and smile at your guests (or your ornamental cats), knowing that you've just cooked one of the easiest, yummiest desserts ever.


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  1. I tried to have ornamental cats once but they wouldn't stay still on the mantle piece. Little buggers. Nice apples. I'm gonna try this :) xx


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