“I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.”

“I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feat. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.”

A couple of pictures I found whilst traipsing the interwebz. The top one is wonderful, the second, well, unnecessary for the purpose of this post but random and funny (just what I find amusing when I'm slightly delirious at 3pm on a Friday afternoon)...Both images taken from BRAIN&PIXEL; a visual communications studio of passionate designers and IT whizzes in Tel Aviv, Israel (no one ask me how on earth I came across their page! I think that first image has gone viral since it's original posting elsewhere, but I'm not sure who to credit. Any links to the source, folks?).

If only my brain were so nicely balanced.


  1. Chic and stylish like always! Take a look at my blog and if u like we can follow each other! :)

  2. Interesting.. I found this blog fascinating. Thanks.

  3. Impressive >. You are really fantastic, artistic and fashionable... We have different ideas and mindset.

  4. I love the way your brain works just fine, with the way you posted this I am taken by your creativity!
    The second picture really is amusing! haha!!
    Friday afternoons does do funny things to our minds indeed ;)


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